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Universal Integration

EMenu is the only bespoke guest experience solution that doesn't require you to change your existing operations, thanks to our unique universal integration service. We are not here to change the way you do things. Simply plug us in and we'll optimise the way you run your business, maximise your efficiency, boost your customer experience and take your revenues to the next level.

App-less Experience

Your customers don't want to download an app! The process is slow, they clutter up your phone and they always get deleted straight after, then have to be re-downloaded next time... not the best start to an evening out! Online ordering is faster, more convenient, less intrusive and requires only a standard internet connection to function, which is why it's the option that your customers prefer.

Allergen Filters

Stay FSA compliant - Our unique allergen filters enable you to tag all of your dishes with full allergen information, right down to the last ingredient. These are then aesthetically displayed to your customers on your EMenu, keeping your staff free to serve more customers, saving time on staff training and eradicating the possibility of human error, and of course optimising that all important customer experience.


As the winner of the 2020 Innovate UK Sustainable Innovation Award, we have made it our mission to make the hospitality industry a greener place. Taking your menu online will mean no more re-printing paper menus every time you change a dish, they become tattered and worn out or you need to update an ingredient, saving countless tonnes of paper wastage each year. Plus, thanks to our partnership with Sustainably Run, your customers can now plant a tree with every order they make through your EMenu!

Group Ordering

The days of trying to figure out 'who had what' are a thing of the past. Thanks to our group ordering feature, your customers can order collectively via your EMenu to ensure they receive their food and drinks together, and then claim and pay for what they had directly through the system at the end. So, not only does this save everyone time, but it also ensures that all items are always paid for.


With our all-new order management system, you can now provide your customers with the ability to preorder and pay through your EMenu in advance. This is perfect for functions, large groups and events, and if you're a mobile caterer, means you can sell out in advance, to ensure a return on every event that you attend. Perfect for the summer festival season!

Click & Collect

Providing a click & collect service for your customers opens up a whole new revenue stream for your business. With your fully bespoke and branded EMenu, you can provide the same amazing ordering experience that your customers would receive if they were eating in, while also enabling them to avoid waiting in queues or crowds, which is a big win for your customer experience in the current climate.


Customer demand for takeaway has increased massively over the past 18 months, and if you haven't claimed your piece of the pie yet, you're missing out on a potentially massive revenue stream! But you don't want to have to login to multiple different systems to provide it. So, you can now offer a delivery service for your customers directly through your EMenu, at a lower rate of commission than if you were to use the usual delivery platforms.

No Printer Mode

No printer? No problem. You can easily manage all of your food and drinks orders on a tablet or screen, marking orders as 'in progress' or 'ready' directly through the system. Not only does this reduce your need for hardware, but it's also part of our mission to massively reduce paper usage in the industry, by eradicating the need for printed tickets both at the bar and in the kitchen.

Branded QR Codes

We can provide you with bespoke QR codes that actually fit with your carefully constructed brand. Choose from a range of attractive and hard-wearing materials for your table stickers, counter signs and window displays, and provide your customers with the ability to remotely order from anywhere in your venue, at any time.

Service Charge & Tipping

You have the ability to automatically set optional or suggested service charges on each order, directly through the system, to ensure that you don't miss out on those all important revenue boosters. Plus, with our new tipping feature, your customers can tip your staff directly when they pay for their order through your EMenu, meaning they are more likely to leave a tip in the first place, and your staff won't have to deal with heaps of unhygienic cash.

Marketing & Upselling

Be the owner of your own customer data. Re-marketing is a sure way of turning your patrons into loyal, returning customers, but without an understanding of their buying habits and favourites, it can be difficult to understand what's going to get them coming back the most! Our in-system CRM allows you to understand exactly what your customers love about your business, so you can utilise email and SMS marketing to send them deals, discounts and exclusive updates, to keep them coming back for more. 

Loyalty Program

Provide your regulars with the loyalty rewards that they deserve. With our new in-built loyalty program, you can utilise customer insights and feedback in order to gain full control of your customer data, and utilise it effectively in order to transform your patrons from a customer base into a community.


Now that travel restrictions are beginning to lift, tourists are once again making up a large proportion of hospitality customers across the UK. With an international audience comes the challenge of multiple languages, which is why we've now made your EMenu translatable into any language, so that you can ensure that your menu is accessible to as many potential customers as possible.

Maximise Your


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Increase Your Revenue

As well as enabling you to increase orders through delivery and click & collect, EMenu also streamlines your service and increases your table turnover. More tables served = more revenue… simple!

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Increase Efficiency

EMenu does all of the order taking, bill splitting and payment processing for you, freeing up your staff so that they can ensure they’re providing the best service and experience possible.

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Increase Customer Satisfaction

With no awkward app to download, tried & tested functionality and full payment integration, you can rest assured that your customers will leave fully satisfied and with their next visit in mind!

Which Services Are Supported?

Table service

Virtual assistant to your waiter

Instant menu access via your bespoke QR code to order & pay within seconds. Our option to split the bill enables them to pay for specific items and leave when ready. This leaves staff with more time to focus on value-adding interactions to improve customer experiences driving contactless tipping. 

Click & Collect + Advanced ordering

Eliminate Queues

Customers can pre-order, pay and select a collection time. Advanced ordering enables mobile caterers to sell out events before they arrive. Streamline operations by delaying available time slots during busy periods. 


Keep the service going

Cut delivery costs by over 25% in comparison to using large delivery platforms. Control the customer journey from your restaurant to their dining table. 

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