Higher Profits,
Better Guest Experiences.

Maximise your food and drink sales with simple, fast QR code ordering. No app to download, no expensive hardware changes, just higher profits and happier customers.

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reduction in front of house labour costs

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boost in food & drink sales


integrates with your system

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While they may have started out as just a hygiene requirement, QR code order & pay systems  have fast become an experience enhancer  that 59% of your customers now expect.

They also no longer need to be a headache, thanks to EMenu Now's easy 'plug & play' setup, U.K. based support team and pricing structures that won't cost you an arm and a leg!

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Here's how we'll  benefit  your business

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EMenu will save you £000s on tech upgrades compared to other providers, and requires no technical 'know how' to operate.


The system is designed to match your brand completely, and can be plugged in to your existing till system, with optional integration services available.

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Increase Footfall & Drive Loyalty Through Customer Data Collection

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Easy Setup & A Premium Service Via Dedicated UK Support Team

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Add New Revenue Streams & Increase Average Order Values

No Operational Changes Necessary - save £000s

Cut Labour Risks & Increase Staff Efficiency

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Don't just take our word for it...

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Collection & Delivery

Serve more covers without increasing your wage bill, by enabling your customers to order & pay directly via your own bespoke electronic menu.


Your electronic menu is accessible via custom QR codes that can be scanned on tables, in rooms, on screens or just about any other places with a high customer footfall.

Open up new revenue streams without upgrading your hardware or giving away 35% of your revenue!

Host your interactive menu on your socials and website and avoid third parties, to maximise brand exposure and drive loyalty.

Table & Room Service

Preordering & Offline Payments

Enjoy all the financial benefits of catering for every crowd.


Whether you're hosting a pre-booked event or prefer your customers to keep their bill open, you can provide order & pay in the way that suits you best. 

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Made For  Any Venue




Food Markets

Food Trucks

Dark Kitchens
Bars & Clubs
Beer Gardens

We work alongside a number of careful selected partners, to ensure you get the best deals on everything you need to make your business a success...

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... and we've been awarded by multiple authorities for our innovative work within the hospitality industry

Funded by Innovate UK

Inspiring Innovator of the Year 2020 Winner

Rising Stars 4.0 Diversity & Inclusion - Leading the Way Award

VIP Judges Choice 2020 Winner