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Meet Our Partners

From member associations to POS and technology providers, we work with a number of carefully selected partners to connect you directly with all of the things that you need most to make your business work
How can you benefit? You can solidify the security of your customers and business by putting your food safety in the hands of the experts at Navitas. You can find full details here.
Navitas is a single destination for safety. They uniquely provide a 360 degree solution which keeps your people, customers and reputation safe. Navitas provide an all-encompassing Food Safety and Health & Safety ecosystem that’s designed to completely remove paperwork.

These solutions comprise of internet-connected hardware and cloud-based software allowing businesses to comply with all elements of food safety and health & safety regulations more efficiently than ever before. 
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How can you benefit? Your business can shine with significant savings, digital tools and support services, to make it easy to meet your goals. You can find full details here.
This initiative allows you to become certified as a Sustainably Run Restaurant, joining an illustrious list of the world's finest, who together with their customers are helping improve restaurant sustainability.

Once certified, you and your customers can plant a lifesaving tree in a developing country to help offset the environmental impact of the meal, while helping to positively impact poverty around the world.
How can you benefit? You can plant your venue's very own forest in the developing world, by giving customers the opportunity to plant a tree with each meal. You can find full details here.
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How can you benefit? We are currently offering 10% off WICS waiter calling buttons for EMenu clients.
You can find full details here.
Give your customers the opportunity to call the waiter if they need something right away!

WiCS is the leading supplier of wireless calling systems, which greatly
improve the service offered to your customers. Our head office is in
London, and for years we have been operating with great success in
the United Kingdom and in Europe, with over 15,000 systems installed.
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Winederful is a uk based distribution and importing company , with a mission to provide Southern Italy's top wines and drinks such as Ippolito 1845 wines and Iceberg drink to the UK

With over 170 years of history, today Ippolito 1845 boasts the oldest winery in Calabria.
How can you benefit? We are currently offering 10% off any case of 6 wines ordered with free delivery. You can find full details here.