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About Navitas

Navitas Safety is a single destination to help restaurants meet all their food safety requirements, hassle-free.

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Food, Fire and Health & Safety expertise with over 33+ years of experience

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Complete digital system removing all paperwork for fast and simple food safety

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What can the Navitas team do for your business?

As a partner, Navitas Safety gives back time to restaurant staff with the help of digital food safety kits here to automate and manage food safety tasks easily. There won’t be such things as piles of greasy paperwork! The kits include cutting-edge technology for automatic temperature monitoring like our smart probes and smart pods, as well as digital checklists and handy allergen label printers to get full traceability on allergens.

Overall, it saves restaurant staff countless hours of manual work, provides complete visibility and reassurance on food safety tasks and allows management to take a step back and relax. As a one-stop shop, restaurants can also access gamified online training, compliance software and audit services with our lovely and experienced experts. All through Navitas Safety.

Navitas also provides...

- Guaranteed excellent food safety standards by guiding staff to complete food safety tasks correctly, on time with 24/7 visibility.
- Fully automated food safety that saves hours of staff time while reducing food waste and saving money through productivity and energy saving efficiencies.
- Pioneering 360-degree solution for all things food safety - digital food safety tools, online training, compliance and supportive food safety expert auditing.

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Save 4+ hours on manual reporting monthly
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Save 20+ hours manual work monthly
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Save £300+ on labour costs monthly
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Eco ready 24/7
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Total visibility
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