Maximise Your Sales with the UK's Leading Pub Order & Pay System

EMenu Now is a fast, simple, fast QR code ordering. No expensive tech upgrades or operational changes.

It can be set up in less than 24 hours, allowing you to grow sales instantly and reduce labour hours.

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boost in food & drink sales

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reduction in labour costs

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integrates with your system

While they may have started out as just a hygiene requirement, QR code order & pay systems  have fast become an experience enhancer  that 59% of your customers now expect.

They also no longer need to be a headache, thanks to EMenu Now's easy 'plug & play' setup, U.K. based support team and pricing structures that won't cost you an arm and a leg!

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EMenu will save you £000s on tech upgrades compared to other providers, and requires no technical 'know how' to operate.


The system is designed to match your brand completely, and can be plugged in to your existing till system, with optional integration services available.

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Increase Footfall & Drive Loyalty Through Customer Data Collection

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Easy Setup & A Premium Service Via Dedicated UK Support Team

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No Operational Changes Necessary - save £000s

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Add New Revenue Streams like Room Service, Click & Collect and Delivery

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Cut Labour Risks & Increase Staff Efficiency

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Interactive Electronic Menu

+ Order & Pay

Order management features to never  overwhelm the bar/kitchen

Premium service via dedicated UK human support team

Customer data collection to help drive loyalty and repeat business

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From £20 a month & 0% commission

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*Small additional fee applies for Amex and corporate cards. Excludes VAT, pricing applies to personal visa and master cards

*Pricing for online orders & offline settlement via cash or card