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Ready To Make The Most Of The World Cup?

Cut queues at the bar

Boost food and drink sales

Operate at capacity with fewer staff

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This year's world cup is the perfect opportunity to finish the year strong, with over 16 million Brits ready and waiting to provide the hospitality industry with a much welcome boost! 

Having a QR code order & pay system in place will not only enable your customers to order from their table without having to wait for service or swarm to the bar, but it will also encourage them to order more and increase their spending by around 20%.

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Built to benefit you & your customers

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Your customers can start ordering the second they take take a seat, meaning more orders and minimal wait times.

Automatic upselling of additional items means they also spend more, and simplified menus enable you to cut out items that take longer to prepare, so you can focus on your most profitable items - perfect for those large, thirsty football crowds!

Maximise Your Sales

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Avoid Queues & Swarms At The Bar

Enabling your customers to order from their seat for table service or bar pickup means you can avoid massive queues at the bar, and more importantly, that crazy half time rush!

Orders are received and completed at a manageable rate, and you can even turn off ordering if you need to. Your staff can remain in control, and your customers can still see the game.

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Stay Busy With Fewer Staff Dependencies

Finding enough staff is still proving challenging, but you don't have to sacrifice capacity due to being short handed.

With your EMenu taking care of the ordering and upselling, your staff are free to focus on pouring, serving and ensuring that customers are happy. Think of it as an extra member of staff, only it won't increase your wage bill!

Perfect for the future, not just the World Cup

From Christmas to the busy summer months, your EMenu is designed to become a permanent feature of your business. We've carefully designed a whole host of features that will help you to maximise your profits and provide your customers with the best experience possible, 365 days of the year.

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Hybrid Ordering

Enable customers and staff to collaborate on tabs and split bills among groups

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Simple Checkout

Customers only need to enter their details once to order and pay, ensuring a fast checkout

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Order Flow Management

Keep customers informed of any delays & never lose control of your bar or kitchen

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Plug & Play Setup

EMenu can connect with any existing POS system, meaning no expensive tech upgrades

Your Business, Your Brand

Utilise the power of your brand with a fully custom menu design that customers recognise

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