Why Is Social Media Essential To Your #Business?

Whether you’re a restaurant, cafe, pub, bar, hotel or any other type of hospitality venue, social media is an exceptionally powerful and free way of promoting your business. But why? What does it enable you to achieve that’s so useful?

Seeing as the 30th of June is #WorldSocialMediaDay, we thought we’d share 3 key reasons as to why social media is SO important for your business, and the benefits it can bring if you stay on top of it!


As businesses, I think we can all agree that knowing what your customers need, want and like is a pretty good place to start. Knowing more about your customers will allow you to know exactly how you can cater to them and leave them happy, as well as making sure you’re aware of when their expectations and habits change!

The key to unlocking this secret? Consistent and varied content.

Posting regularly and consistently keeps you fresh in the mind of your customers, you’ll gain new followers as an active page, and it also gives people more opportunity to interact with your content. Collectively, more followers and more interactions provides you with a treasure chest of information on what your customers love - for example if you run a competition to win a free roast dinner for 4 people, and hundreds of new customers follow you and get involved, then you know running regular competitions for rewards is a pretty good way of keeping your business in the minds of your customers!

But don’t forget to keep your posts varied. A combination of videos, pictures of your food, giveaways, competitions and behind the scenes posts of your staff cooking/mixing up a storm is a great way to see what your followers react to best. If you know what they like, then you know what to show them more of to get them through the door. Simple!


People are on social media CONSTANTLY, so it’s the perfect place to keep your customers up to date with your business and make sure they know about every event, update and change that you make! Nothing worse than organising a Ladies Night and the men’s rugby team are the only ones to turn up because nobody knew, right?

This doesn’t just apply for events that you organise, but also the rewards that we mentioned above, any specials you put on, changes to rules in the venue and of course updates and exciting new additions to your menu. Keeping your customers in the know about all of these things is a sure way of making sure that they come and take full advantage of whatever it is you’re offering them, and it also means your time hasn’t been wasted preparing it all!

And it’s not just your posts that can be put to good use. Social media bios have become one of the first ports of call for your customers when looking for your location, contact details or what makes you special, and is the perfect place to leave a link to your digital menu (wink). We don’t know about you, but we ALWAYS have a nosey at the menu before we head out for dinner and drinks, so keeping a link to your digital menu in your bio gives you a chance to draw people in to a visit immediately…

...and if you don’t have a digital menu yet, then you know what to do.


Finally, and perhaps most importantly, social media channels give you the perfect platform from which to interact with your happy customers, and build trust for your brand and business. It’s all very well posting your food and drinks and telling people how great they are, but when your paying customers are on your socials bigging up your business for you, then people really start to believe it!

Across the various social media platforms, you can take advantage of reviews, pictures, kind words and recommendations, all of which can be utilised and re-posted by you to show potential new customers just how good you are. Facebook reviews and sharing tagged stories on Instagram have become an exceptionally popular and powerful way of spreading the word about your business.

In fact, a new restaurant just around the corner from our Bristol office opened up at the end of the last UK lockdown, and thanks to social media they have been booked out consistently ever since! Their constant resharing of delighted customers' posts soon caught the interest of food critics, whose glowing reviews have now resulted in the venue being raved about in pretty much every newspaper and food magazine in the city. If that doesn’t prove our point, we don’t know what will.

When you’re already juggling the management of a busy food business, finding the time to properly manage your social media can seem like an impossible task. So, as part of our mission to make the lives of venue owners as easy as possible as the wave of post-lockdown bookings continue, we are now delighted to be offering Social Media Management as an additional service when you sign up with EMenu, at a massively discounted rate compared to any agency.

If you’re interested in hearing more about how we can get rid of your menu and social media headaches all at once, contact us today!

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