Why You Shouldn't Be Heading Into The Summer Without An Electronic Menu In Place.

We get it, you’ve been hearing non-stop for the last 2 years that technology is the future of your business. So, with 1 in 3 hospitality business leaders now firmly asserting that technology will be fundamental in helping them successfully navigate the current difficult marketplace, we thought we’d help you finally understand what all the fuss is about, and exactly how an electronic menu in particular can help you!

Providing A Better Customer Service

Your customers don’t just expect products and services anymore; they expect elevated, high-quality experiences.

Due to bad experiences with desperately adopted and rapidly deployed technology systems at the start of the pandemic, operators generally now believe that their current ability to provide good customer service has decreased over the past 2 years. Whether it’s glitchy systems or the feeling of a seemingly less personal service, we understand that not everybody has been a fan of the new wave of hospitality tech… but hear us out.

Thanks largely to the explosion of order & pay technology, your customers actually think the opposite, and have come to not only prefer, but also expect to have the option to view your menu electronically. They no longer have to wait for service, queue at the bar or struggle back to the table laden with pints.

If you ask pub operators, they will say order & pay technology simply takes away the more mundane aspects of pub life and allows staff to take a more hands-on approach of being available for

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The Increasing Cost of EVERYTHING

VAT returning to 20%, the rise in energy costs and the increase of 6.6% in the national living wage are factors that will massively affect the hospitality industry over the coming year. But never fear. With an order and pay technology like EMenu Now you can serve more covers, without increasing your wage bill.

No matter how much you increase your seating capacity by for the summer, your customers can simply grab a seat, scan the QR code on their table, and they’ll be placing orders in seconds! And what’s more… customers typically spend from 15-30% more per order when order through a digital interface - people are more likely to order a sneaky side when they are not ordering face-to-face. Their phones can't judge them.

Staffing Shortages & Constant Retraining

A new post-pandemic and post-Brexit challenge has emerged within the UK hospitality sector, as the industry is now expected to pay higher wages while having to recruit young and inexperienced staff.

A way of making the most out of this new, untrained workforce is to provide them and your customers with a digital electronic solution. Using features such as EMenu's automatic upselling and cross-selling capabilities enables your staff to stick to the basic essentials of service, while your average order values increase, and full dietary requirement and allergen info is automatically displayed, cutting labour risks and increasing staff efficiency.

You can also use these features as your virtual sommelier to increase drink sales while keeping the customer informed and engaged, to advise on speciality pairings and suggested accompaniments for particular dishes, and of course to take tips and service charge.

Competition & The Competitive Edge

All hospitality professionals know the industry has always been extremely competitive, and this has increased even more in the last couple of years, where customers are expecting a faster, better, and smoother experience.

Keeping up with the latest trends in technology while maintaining your brand identity is essential for hospitality teams to survive. Businesses unable to quickly adapt to new technologies face the risk of falling behind the competition.

With EMenu you can quickly adapt to these new technologies and keep up to date with the market needs, as it can be plugged into your existing till or POS system, saving you £000s on tech upgrades compared to other providers, and requiring no technical 'know how' to operate.

The system is designed to match your brand completely, and gives you access to your customers data and payment & menu reports, an easy way of increasing customer loyalty via marketing activities while giving you exclusive access to what your customers love about your brand and menu.

The list goes on, and while we've only outlined the main points that we've been helping hospitality business owners with recently, there's so much more that we can help you with to ensure that you make the most of the summer months and make the most revenue possible!

Contact us today and find out how we can help you.

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