Prepared For The Introduction of Natasha's Law? EMenu Launches All-New Allergen Filters.

With Natasha's Law set to come into place from the 1st of October this year, it is now more essential than ever that you are properly displaying all allergen information for your food, be it made to order in a restaurant, or PPDS sold from a café or deli.

To help you comply with this new law, we are delighted to announce the introduction of our all-new EMenu Allergen Filters!

EMenu now gives you the ability to easily display full allergen information for all of your dishes and food items via your digital menu, enabling your customers to then simply filter through to suit their requirements... it's that easy!

We know that staffing is also presenting a huge pain point for the industry right now, with a high turnover resulting in the need for constant, expensive and time consuming training! EMenu Allergen Filters cuts out the need for ever-changing ingredient and allergen knowledge, both eradicating the risk of human error, and saving you valuable time and money.

And it's not just the legal requirement that we've had in mind. Finding suitable dishes can also be a nightmare for your customers with dietary requirements such as Vegan, Coeliac or Halal, but our new filters also make it easier than ever for these customers to filter through, and remove dishes from your menu that do not meet these requirements.

So, not only does EMenu now enable you to ensure that you're FSA compliant, but it also enables you once again to provide that all important enhanced customer experience, that will keep your customers coming back for more.

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