Introducing Peckwater Brands - Virtual Restaurant Brands, Specifically Designed For Delivery!

What we do?

Peckwater Brands runs virtual restaurant brands, specifically designed for delivery (a ‘virtual restaurant franchise’). We help restaurants capitalise on the fast growing food delivery market (worth £11.4bn and growing 18% each year) while the hospitality industry declines with 7000+ restaurant closures in 2021.

Our brands are run by existing restaurant kitchens, running alongside the core operation. Our brands are licensed to operators for them to run alongside their existing brands, meaning that they make more revenue from the same fixed overheads.

Who we work with

Whatever type of kitchen you operate, we can help. We work with partners across the Hospitality spectrum, and you don't need to have any previous experience of food delivery. Our brands can slot into any kitchen, so don't worry about equipment, cuisine type, or staff skills - we take care of everything.

How we work

We fit around your existing operations. Our team provides you with order data for your local area.

Onboarding is streamlined to three weeks, and our team is on-site to train you from day one.

  1. We build fully operational concepts. We're industry experts using delivery data to build on-trend consumer-friendly menus.

  2. We use local demand data to match you with a brand, then we onboard you with our suppliers to get the best deals.

  3. We train you and your team. Our Head Chefs train your staff and your dedicated Franchise Manager helps you optimise performance and grow sales.

  4. Together we launch and help you grow. We invest in promotions and marketing to ensure you get off to a great start!

Our brands

We are constantly developing data-driven concepts and getting these ready for launch by perfecting the product and ensuring its scalability. We've developed partnerships with major players in the industry to ensure all concepts are driven by data.

We then use a scientific approach to kitchen operations. They're developed by strategists as well as chefs! For our partners, this means fewer ingredients, bought more cheaply, and less wastage. It means everything available through a single, central supplier. And it means simple operations on the ground - none of our recipes take more than 8 minutes to prep!

Key Benefits

By working with Peckwater Brands you’re able to generate new incremental revenue from your existing operations, by leveraging our brands to access the food delivery market.

We’re confident that you’ll earn around £9,607 per month in take-home profit, because our data is based on years of operating with partners just like you

  • Sell an extra £12,103 to £45,823 per month

  • Take home an extra £4,476 to £14,737 in cash profit per month

  • Increase your gross margin by an average of +9%

  • Increase delivery orders by an average of +823%

  • Reduce your ingredients costs by an average of -11%

  • Reduce your wastage by an average of -4%

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