How To Take More Orders Without Overwhelming Your Bar & Kitchen.

We can all agree that more orders means more money, and after the 2 years that the hospitality industry has just had, this can only be a good thing. But does more orders also mean more stress and an overwhelmed kitchen? Well, without EMenu, yes. But with EMenu, absolutely not!

Queues, a manic kitchen and a blocked up order flow are all an absolute nightmare, so here’s how you can avoid them all this summer, even while serving more customers and throwing additional events to boost your profits. (Ka-Ching!)

Keep Queues To A Minimum.

Queuing normally occurs when a venue is short staffed, on peak time, during busier periods or when increasing capacity with outdoor areas, all of which you're likely to experience this summer.

If venues have long queues and waiting times to serve customers, they will find somewhere else to go and therefore the number of potential customers and orders a business has is reduced. In a nutshell, queues upset customers and cost you a lot of money. Sad times.

With a QR code ordering system in place there’s no more queueing, walking back and forth to the bar or having to remember what everybody wanted. Just sitting, ordering, eating and drinking... which again, we can all agree is much, much better.

92% of the UK population now own (and are completely reliant on) a smartphone, so the businesses that are enabling them to be used to order and pay are already set to lead the way this summer.

Don’t Be Scared Of Higher Order Volumes

So, your customers are happier as they're ordering from their phones and not standing around at the bar all day or waiting for table service, but now there's the matter of managing the sheer volume of orders that you can expect over busier periods. You know that massive rush you got at half time during every big weekend game, which results in a massive queue and a stressed out work force?

By providing customers with the ability to order and pay from their table whenever they’re ready, you avoid those awkward rushes and can keep orders coming in at a much more consistent and manageable rate. Your customers will be ordering more, getting a much better experience, average order values will increase by around 30%, and there’ll be no more tears in the walk-in from your team. Always a bonus.

It means spending seconds, not minutes, physically serving each customer, and your team will be working like a well oiled machine - crucial on a busy weekend.

What Happens If I Can’t Manage The Order Flow?

Fear not! EMenu gives you the ability to keep full control with automatic order flow management, so if things get a little crazy, you can pause ordering, deal with the tickets you have on, and then go again once you're ready.

This means you can still maximise your sales and reap the benefits of having an online ordering platform, but you’ll always be in control of both your kitchen and bar.

Add New Revenue Streams

The events industry will be worth 1,958 billion Pounds by 2028. Not developing events and programs that tap into people’s desire for them is like leaving money on the table. Who would willingly do that?

Hosting events, music and other fun activities is a sure way to add new revenue streams, draw in customers, increase sales and elevate awareness of your brand, and as we now know, with an order & pay system in place, you don’t have to be Afraid to Take on New Revenue Streams.

With EMenu you can upsell tickets in advance, offer pre ordering for food events, while being able to manage higher order volumes efficiently, meaning you’ll be ready for any event, big or small.

EMenu is a personalised, one on one service designed to help those with little technical knowledge access the benefits of mobile ordering with minimal effort. Get in touch to improve guest experience, loyalty and profitability, hassle-free and with full support from the EMenu team.

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