How To Profit From World Cup Fever

Updated: Aug 8

If the Lionesses’ victory over Germany in the Women’s European Championship final has taught us anything (aside from the fact that our extremely talented ladies have finally brought it home), it’s that the UK population’s appetite for watching live international sport is stronger than ever.

The women’s final saw a peak TV audience of 17.4 million people, and seeing as it was a sunny British Sunday, you can bet your last teabag that a huge number of those viewings were from the pub. This is of course great for the hospitality industry as a whole, and with the men’s World Cup fast approaching, it’s looking like we’re set to enjoy a bumper end to the year.

There is however one potential downside to the influx of customers… pubs offering only a traditional bar service are not operationally prepared for the increase in numbers that the upcoming World Cup is going to bring them!

The 2018 world cup saw a 320% increase in pub engagement, and while increased customer numbers are great for sales, they can prove seriously damaging to your quality of service. So, with customer expectations AND anticipation for the World Cup at an all time high, we thought we’d share 3 ways that we’ve been setting our clients up to achieve both maximum revenues and a flawless service, so that you can finish 2022 as a winner.

Managing Order Flows.

Keeping orders under control is vital to running a smooth service. Picture that massive rush to the bar at half time during last Sunday's final; everyone wants another drink, the pressure on bar staff is immense, orders are missed, mistakes are made and customers end up ordering less. Imagine if everyone already had a new beer in their hand at half time, and it’s their third, not their second, because they haven’t had to wait in a queue.

Pubs with a QR code ordering system in place are able to provide this service. By providing customers with the ability to order and pay from their table whenever they’re ready, you avoid those awkward rushes and can keep orders coming in at a much more consistent and manageable rate. Your customers will be ordering more, getting a much better experience, average order values will increase by around 30%, and there’ll be no more tears in the walk-in from your team. Always a bonus.

Staffing Issues.

Finding enough staff to fill your shifts is unfortunately not one of those issues that has eased alongside pandemic restrictions. Staffing shortages are still being cited as the biggest challenge facing the industry in 2022, but if you’re going to be taking in more customers, you’re going to need more staff to serve them, right? Well, not necessarily!

Having a good order & pay system in place eradicates your need for additional staff, as it takes care of all of the ordering and more mundane tasks for you, leaving your team to focus on serving, clearing and nurturing that all important customer experience. Be it food or drinks, you can serve those busy world cup crowds without the need for additional staff, and customers will enjoy a much more streamlined experience, so they’ll know where to come back to for the next game.

Think of an order & pay system as having an additional member of your team, only it doesn’t need a lunch break and you don’t have to invite it to the Christmas party.

Package Deals & Quick Menus.

Now that you’ve got the big crowds through the door, it’s time to make the most of them with maximum sales, and package deals are a great way to ensure that you’re selling as much as you can! We don’t know about you, but if we’re at the pub with a group of mates and we have the option to order 5 pints plus a selection of snacks all with one click, without having to take our eyes off of the game for more than 30 seconds, we’re hitting that order button!

Plus, providing smaller menus that are quicker to order from when you’ve got a busy crowd in can also be just as helpful. Condensed menus with fewer options mean a faster ordering experience, and you can also focus on the real money makers, like spirits and pints. This is all easy to achieve with an electronic menu in place, and if you go with the right one (wink, wink), these quick menus will even turn off automatically for you the minute the game is over.

With the new football season just beginning, now is the perfect time to get started with a QR code electronic menu, and to start utilising the order & pay to maximise your revenue, so by the time the World Cup comes around, you’ll be a step ahead of the rest.

EMenu offers simple, fast QR code ordering with no app to download, 24/7 UK based support and no expensive hardware changes, just higher profits and happier customers.

We are also currently offering all Punch pubs an exclusive partner rate, so contact us today to find out how we can help you!

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