How Pubs Are Setting Themselves Up For A Bumper Summer!

In the words of Roy Ayers, everybody loves the sunshine. Especially when they’re sat in the garden of your venue with a nice cold pint in hand, or watching the game on the big screen with the kids nowhere to be seen or heard. Lovely. So with outdoor areas opening back up from April onwards, pubs across the UK are now beginning preparations for an increase in food and drink orders, and all the benefits that come with the summer rush in sales.

But this year is going to be a little different. We’re not going to mention the dreaded ‘C Word’, but you’ll know what we mean when we say that the past 2 years have led to some significant changes in what your customer’s expectations will be from now on. The UK pub sector has already seen 2% growth this year compared to January 2019, and as we prepare for this growth to continue through the busy summer period, the businesses best prepared to cater to these changes in expectations are those with a QR code order & pay system in place.

Why? Well, let’s start with the fact that the use of QR code technology grew by 96% between 2018 and 2020 alone, which of course includes massive adoption by the hospitality sector. QR code ordering systems have quickly gone from being a hygiene requirement to a customer preference, since the improvements that they bring to the overall guest experience have been recognised. There’s no more queueing, walking back and forth to the bar or having to remember what everybody wanted. 92% of the UK population now own (and are completely reliant on) a smartphone, so the pubs that are enabling them to be used to order and pay are going to lead the way this summer.

Millennials are particularly keen on mobile ordering and a smoother guest experience. Is that important? Yes. Research reveals that millennials are your most important customers, as they have the highest spending power of any demographic (13% of their income, in fact). They’re going to order more and spend more than any other group that you get through the door, so catering to their buying habits is a great start on the path to a successful summer. And if they’re not in your usual crowd, getting an order & pay system will help to bring them in!

And let’s not forget about the operational benefits being enjoyed by the pubs that are already utilising these systems. Not only are they seeing on average a 30% increase in average order values, but those working with EMenu Now are also experiencing an increase in staff efficiency, no expensive operational changes or new tech, an easy setup process and opportunities for additional revenue streams. Yes these systems will increase your revenue, but they’ll also help you to maintain full control over your orders and sales, and make your busy summer a whole lot easier.

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