EMenu Now Nominated for Business Innovation Award at RTIE & RBTL!

We are delighted to announce EMenu Now as a finalist for the Business Innovation Award, at Restaurant & Takeaway Innovation Expo and Restaurant & Bar Tech Live 2021!

This year, the Business Innovation Award celebrates products which have improved the efficiency, productivity and profitability of businesses through transformative technologies that are revolutionising the future of the industry.

EMenu’s nomination comes as a result of them having developed the only order & pay system for hospitality businesses that plugs into any existing till system. Their solution is helping businesses to reopen efficiently and at a low cost following the impact of the pandemic, resulting in them having already been awarded as a driver of productivity and economic growth within the sector by Innovate UK!

EMenu look to follow in the footsteps of last year's winners, HGEM Guest Experience Management - good luck team!

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