3 Ways To Maximise Your Profits When You Reopen With EMenu!

We’re pretty certain that when April 12th was announced as the date that hospitality businesses will reopen (hopefully), we felt a collective shiver of excitement from the entire industry! So, now it’s time to prepare to get those doors back open again…

We’ve spoken to countless restaurant, bar, pub and venue owners over the last 6 months, and there’s one objective that remains clearly at the top of the priority list when it comes to reopening; minimising costs and maximising profits!

So, here are three ways that our affordable and innovative order & pay system can help you to make sure you’re keeping the orders and profits high, and the costs and outgoings to a minimum.

1 - No need to splash out on new POS hardware

First things first, you’ve probably spent a small fortune on dividing screens, sanitisers and other COVID measures to make your venue safe, so there’s no way you want to be shelling out for new POS hardware too to accommodate a new table-service only system, right? Right.

New tablets, printers and card machines are all really expensive, but we’ve spent years developing the only order & pay solution that connects instantly with any printer, with no need to replace your hardware!

All you need to do is plug EMenu in, get connected in minutes and boom, your old system just became your new, much better system. But, most importantly, you’ve just saved thousands of pounds per year on monthly integrations and set up costs.

2 - Control your up-selling options

So you’re already saving thousands, and now the customers are coming back through the doors to put in those all important orders (woo!). More orders means more revenue, so how can you ensure that your customers are making as many as possible while they’re with you?

One of the biggest advantages of an online menu is your ability to push upselling options to your customers, and with EMenu, you can ensure that only the most relevant suggestions are made. Whether it’s drinks, sides or specials, targeted suggestions made to your customers directly through the menu are a sure way of achieving a healthy take at the end of the day.

“EMenu helps customers discover their perfect meal combinations faster whilst up-selling sides and drinks directly from our website and social media, resulting in an average 25% increase in order value”. Chris, Owner of The Sauce.

3 - Provide direct optional tipping and service charge

The food has been great, the online ordering experience has been great and of course the service has been great, so now it’s time to tip. But we all know cash is a thing of the past, and your waiters are likely to be busy, so making it as quick and easy as possible to leave a tip or take a service charge is going to be essential.

Having a suggested amount pre-selected on your online menu at the point of checkout not only makes the option to tip more prominent, but it also makes the whole process easier for your customers. Plus, one less point of contact with your staff members is certain to make everyone feel a little safer in the current climate, and boost that overall customer experience.

Happy customers means more tips and service charge, which in turn means a bigger take! Not to mention the fact that it will get your customers done and out the door faster, meaning you can get more tables turned over and more orders through the till. It’s a win win.

EMenu is now available on a free 30 day trial, which won’t start until you’re open again! Get set up now and ready to reopen, and we’re sure we can help you to maximise your revenue from the get-go.

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