A Sustainable Order & Pay Solution

As the winner of Innovate UK’s Sustainable Innovation Award 2020, we consider it our duty to lead the hospitality sector into a greener and more eco friendly age, by tackling two of the industry’s biggest problem areas head on: food waste and paper usage.

Our War on Food Waste...

It is estimated that £682m worth of food waste is created by the UK hospitality sector each year, with 21% of that arising directly from spoilage. 


As the world’s first company to use AI as a means of reverse engineering the traditional menu, in order to create a new, dynamic, real time menu solely based on any unused ingredients, our system promotes the sale of every last item!


AI powered promotions can be used to target customers that would purchase these bespoke meals based on their preferences, thereby improving your profitability as well as cutting your wastage.

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Our War on Paper Usage...

Constantly printing and re-printing menus can be a wasteful process, with independent venues estimated to be getting through up to c.30 tonnes of paper per annum in the UK.


Our digital and fully customisable online menu system enables you to completely eradicate the need for printed menus, preventing the production of around 28,000kg CO2-eq GHG emissions per year!


Not only is this system a much more sustainable solution for our planet, but it’s also much more hygienic for your customers and staff, minimising touchpoints and the need for direct contact.