Fast, efficient QR code ordering for multi site operators.

Manage multiple menus across multiple sites, all from one comprehensive central EMenu hub. No costly tech upgrades, and no operational changes.

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From some of the UK's largest pub and bar operators to internationally renowned hotel chains, we work with  a number of multi site operators to take away the pain of adopting new systems across multiple sites.

We can plug your EMenu in to your existing POS system with no need to replace your infrastructure, saving you thousands in hardware changes.

No matter how many sites you have, we will work with you to ensure that your EMenu fits seamlessly into your operations.

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Our multi site operators include...

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Simple  'plug & play' setup

Thanks to our unique 'plug & play' technology, you won't need to replace any of your hardware to utilise your EMenu. We can simply show up at your sites, plug in to your existing printers, and you'll be receiving orders in no time.

We can also get you set up without printers if you prefer, or you can enable your teams to manage their orders via our simple, easy to use order management screen. Whatever works best for you.

We also have third party integration services available, so no matter your current set up, we can make your EMenu work for you with no operational changes.

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Maintain  full control  of your order flows

We know how important it is that you maintain full control of how many orders your sites are receiving, so that your customers are never left hanging with an unexpected wait.


EMenu Order Flow Management allows you to inform your customers of any expected delays during busy periods with simple time delay messages, turned on at the click of a single button. These can be applied individually per venue.

You can also limit how many orders you receive in a given time frame, 10 every 15 minutes for example, so that you're always in full control and your bar or kitchen are never overwhelmed.

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Utilise the power of  your brand

Your EMenu is exactly that... YOUR EMenu. You've spent a lot of time and effort creating a brand that your customers recognise, and we're here to reflect that, even if it differs slightly between sites.

Whether you want a different, eye catching design on each of your individual menus, or you'd rather just keep it simple, we will build your EMenu to perfectly reflect your carefully crafted brand.

Reflecting your brand in your menu not only encourages your customers to use it so that you can enjoy the benefits, but it also optimises that all-important customer experience, with a personable ordering system that will help to boost loyalty.

Your ops team can manage all of your sites' EMenus from one central management account on our platform.


Each menu can still be managed individually by the staff in the ground, for example if items need to be made available or unavailable relative to stock levels, but your HQ can have access to them all under one 'roof'.

This means you won't have to remember multiple account logins and passwords, which we can all agree is a massive time saver!

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Multiple sites, 1  central  management hub

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