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The Multi-Award Winning Guest Experience Solution Your Customers Have Been Waiting For


Innovate UK Sustainable Innovation Award 2020 Winner.


Arbuthnot Latham, Inspiring Innovator of the Year Award 2020 Winner.

CitySpark Awards, VIP Judges' Choice Award 2020 Winner.

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Our clients enjoy significant improvements in their operational efficiency, an increase in their average order values, a decrease in paper usage and wastage costs, and of course a much improved experience for their customers.
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We're Here To Help

We are not here to change the way you run your business operations. We are simply here to optimise the way you do things, so that you have more time to spend on the part of your business that matters most - your customers.

We offer a free 30 minute marketing consultation for our new clients as a way of understanding how they will benefit best from our solutions, and what they will need from us. We can do this face to face or over the phone/zoom call.

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EMenu has drastically improved efficiency in the kitchen, without us having to spend money
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Hospitality Business Owners Come To Us For New Ideas On How To...

Be the owner of your own customer data

On average, diners spend 30% more when they have a personal connection to the restaurant where they are eating. Data, from the most general information to the most specific preferences, can help you serve your customers even better, which means they’re more likely to return and become regulars.

Run promotions and offers

Understand what your customers want most via reporting and feedback, and get them coming back time and again for more! Plus, you can even turn your previously quiet days into some of your busiest, by providing customers with offer that are simply too good to miss. 

Upsell options and suggested items

Great extras to upsell include chips, garlic bread, salads, extra sauces, toppings and anything popular from your selection of sides, while suggesting drink pairings are also a sure fire way of maximising the value of every order that your customers place with you.

Make the most of Christmas parties this season

Pre-ordering has never been easier, with no more word documents or unreadable paper requests necessary! We enable customers to pre-order through our system, making your preparations easier than ever, and enabling you to make the most of this year's holiday season. 

Get certified as a sustainable run restaurant

Once certified you and your customers can plant a lifesaving tree in a developing country to help offset the environmental impact of the meal they've ordered with you, while helping to positively impact poverty around the world.

Decrease touch points and recover from the ‘pingemic'

Whether it's your customers or your staff, it's now more important than ever that people feel safe in your establishment. We make it possible to minimise physical touch points while maintaining a personal customer experience, meaning your business can stay open, and your patrons can stay happy!

Manage allergen information

With easy to use allergen filters, you can reassure and provide an extra layer of security for your customers, while also spending less time on repeated staff training. Plus, you allergen info can be stored and displayed digitally, meaning no more need for those hard to read spreadsheets.  

Improve the customer experience

Implement a system of operating that enables your to spend more time talking to your customers instead of just writing taking orders, talk about your favourite specials and pairing options (they will be shown in your emenu) and create an experience that genuinely lasts. Happy customer are returning customers!  

Provide online ordering & payments

Let your customers order from their tables via a QR code, your social media channels or even through your website! Online ordering is here to stay, and when paired with a click & collect service and delivery, is the most efficient way of maximising your revenue.

Create a loyalty program

Sending offers and promotional information later in the afternoon, influencing the choices of those who receive the messages. It may sound a little devious, but if you are looking for an increase in sales, hitting your most loyal customers with a well-timed reminder is the perfect way to get them back inside your doors.

Utilise reports to understand your restaurant and clients

Understand which dishes are more successful and at which times, know what your customers love and make offers around those items or even recommend them at every check out! 

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How Can An Electronic Menu Increase Your Revenue?
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